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cheap hand dryers for bathrooms

Multifunctional Toilet Room Wall Mounted Durable Commercial Hand Hair Dryer TH-3605
*Induction-type outlet:
A. when you want to dry hand, you just only need to put your hands below the outlet.
B. when you want to dry hair, you need to connect air duct of and the outlet. Then you can dry hair.
*Patent design of stainless steel outlet.
*Anti-radiation when dry hair.
Specification of commercial hand dryer
Name:commercial hand dryer
Voltage:AC220V-240V, 50/60Hz
Total Power:1000W
Heating Power:500W
Wind Speed of Outlet:90m/s
Wind Speed of Air Duct Outlet:30m/s
Sensor Range:≤12cm
Temperature of Outlet:56 centigrade
Temperature of Air Duct Outlet:53 centigrade
Waterproof Rate:IPX I
Electric Shock Protection:Class I
Host Size:251*172*144(mm)
Product Size:430*371*144(mm)
Duct Stretching Ratio:2.5: 1
Protection:Overvoltage Protection, Overcurrent Protection,
Short Circuit Protection, Thermal Protection
Motor Type:Carbon Brush Motor
Shell Material:ABS plastic
The air duct is detachable. Left or right is freely to choose

Packing of commercial hand dryer
Dimension 42*42*45cm
Box size: 40.5x20x42.5cm
Color carton or brown carton, 2pcs/ctn
Delivery of commercial hand dryer
10~15 days after receiving payment
Suitable Place of commercial hand dryer
Office Building/Laboratory/Hospital/Shopping Mall/Hotel/Airport/Service Satiation/Public Area
1. Hotel: to give your customer better and more comfortable service.
2. Home: to give your family more healthy hands and save money in tissue purchase .
3. Shopping mall: to give yours customers’ good impressions on nice toilet, then maybe increase customers flow.
4. Laboratory: to reduce bacteria in your hands so that makes your science more accurate.
5. Service station: to give people more comfortable service so that relax them.
6. Office building: to give your staff healthy and comfortable working environment.
7. Airport, subway station, railway station, motor station and so on.
8. Hospital: to reduce bacterial growth.
All what You Need To Know About Us
Oryth is one of the major leading producers and marketers in hand dryer industry since our foundation at year 2008, we have exported hand dryers over 30 countries, Factory has areas more than 4,800 square meters modernized workshops in High Tech industrial Zone (Xiamen, Fujian), 28 experienced staffs have monthly output more than 4, 000 pieces. The hand dryer developed by our company are sold well through wholesalers, distributors and online shops all over the world.
1. The price you pay for is not only for products, but for good services
2. Prompt reply for your inquiry
3. Take care of your order, 100% inspection before shipping out
4. Professional services make your importation free of troubles
5. After sales services make the business easier
6. Our products have passed the ISO 9001:2000 CE, ROHS and CCC
7. We can accept both the OEM and sample order
8. All of your products have one year warrantycheap hand dryers for bathrooms
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