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luxury paper guide or poster factory

Our History:
Creation Craft Limited has focused on top quality paper printing products for over 9years in China. We started as a small operation, but now have become one of the leading suppliers in the paper printing industry in China.
Today, Creation Craft Limited has been one of the top producers of printing works, such as:board game,card game,jigsaw puzzle game,color box,packing box,booklet,calender,magazine,brochure,etc.
Our Factory:
Creation Craft Limited is located in Dongguan City,Guangdong Province.There is Shenzhen port and Shenzhen airport with superior geographical position and convenient transportation. Our products have been sold all over the world. As a global supplier in the board game,puzzle game,card game,packing box, and other printing products,Creation Craft Limited is to create added value for customers around the world.
Our Product:
Creation Craft Limited products includes following:
1.Board game
2.Board game pieces
3.Puzzle game
4.3D metal puzzle
5.Card game
6.Packing box(color box)
We supply paper printing products all over the globe to a wide range of companies worldwide, ranging from large multinational organizations to small individual companies.
Our Certificate:
We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in ISO9001, ISO14000:14001 SGS guidelines and our stringent quality control system.
Production Equipment:
Name Model No. QTY
Five colors Printing Machine ZTJ-330-6 1
Four colors Printing Machine RF01/PM52-4 3
Die Cutting Machine MQ-320 6
Paper Cutting Machine WK92C 3
Hydraulic Cutting Machine ML-930 4
Folding Machine A048 2
Automatic Die-cutting Machine MZ1050Q 1
Card Cutting Machine N/A 2
Gluing Machine Jinge&JG-650C 4
Film Shrinking Machine N/A 1
Perfect Binding Machine N/A 1
Production Market
We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market. Creation Craft Limited sales managers can speak fluent English for good communication. Our main sales market:
North America 33.90%
Western Europe 18.00%
Oceania 10.7%
Mid East 7.6%
South America 6.1%
Domestic Market 5.8%
Eastern Europe 4.2%
Southeast Asia 3.5%
Southern Europe 4.2%
Northern Europe 2.3%
Africa 2.1%
Eastern Asia 1.3%
Our Service
We have the capability to meet a wide range of project specifications for paper printing works. Our experienced sourcing department and hand working department have over 100 workers who are able to deliver products of creative designs for printing and packaging. Finishing techniques include spot/flood UV varnishing, embossing, debossing, sheet lamination and other speciality specifications.
luxury paper guide or poster factory
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